The EEIA has published an updated report on measures taken by European governments to support the exhibition industry through the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. The report, first published in March last year, shows support programmes for the exhibition industry specifically, as well as programmes for businesses in general.

The report aims to support lobbying and advocacy efforts by providing easily accessible and comparable country-based information about various programmes across Europe. 

Similar reports for other regions will be published by UFI shortly, together with an executive summary highlighting global best practices in terms of government programmes and support.

“By gathering and sharing examples of general financial measures and dedicated support for the exhibition industry across Europe, we want to encourage other governments and policymakers to offer the same in their respective markets”, says Barbara Weizsäcker, Secretary General of EEIA and EMECA.

Download EEIA Report on European State Aid for Covid-19

The European Exhibition Industry Alliance (EEIA) is a partnership between UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry and EMECA, the European Major Exhibition Centres Association.