The European Exhibition Industry Alliance is proud of Europe’s role and success which has always been intertwined with its unique position as a marketplace for businesses, ideas and people to come together. Trade connects people and the trust gained through face-to-face meetings is equally instilled within the European culture and values.

The Treaty on the functioning of the European Union set out clearly the objectives for its Members, among others: to ensure the economic and social progress of their States by common action to eliminate the barriers which divide Europe, to strengthen peace and liberty, to confirm the solidarity which binds Europe and the overseas countries and desiring to ensure the development of their prosperity, in accordance with the principles of the Charter of the United Nations.

These European values, the values of the free world - that are shared by numerous European countries not Member of the EU - as well as the UN principles are being violated by the Russian leadership’s unprecedented actions against Ukraine.

The European Exhibition Industry Alliance urges Russia’s leadership to immediately stop the hostilities and return to negotiations. This war not only brings terrible destruction on Ukraine and its people but it seriously endangers the security and stability of the wider European area. War must never be considered a means to resolve controversies.

The exhibition sector supports industries and communities. It has proven solidarity during the pandemic and is the means to economic recovery which has just started. Again now, our industry provides support and shelter whenever needed. We applaud the actions by the many actors of our exhibition industry community to provide support and humanitarian relief.

Meeting and overcoming divergences in a peaceful and trusted way is the only way forward. We are united with those that share these values and we wish strength to all who stand up for these values.

If you want to contribute to humanitarian assistance to Ukraine and neighbouring countries, please support the valuable work of the UNHCR.




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The European Exhibition Industry Alliance represents nearly 400 European exhibition organisers and venue operators in Brussels to the European institutions and stakeholders. These trade fairs and exhibition players are organised in UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry and the European Major Exhibition Centres Association EMECA.
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