EEIA Positions

EEIA Positions

The European Exhibition Industry Alliance offers a concise briefing about the exhibition industry in Europe and states its priorities and needs as to the operating and economic environment in Europe and worldwide.
The European exhibition industry enhances innovation, competitiveness and growth in Europe by offering business opportunities in the EU and globally. It argues for targeted support to European SMEs and for better operating and trade conditions at home and abroad. It also offers data illustrating the exhibition industry’s contribution to a sustainable world and to regional development by generating social and economic benefits.

Download the European Exhibition Industry Alliance Brochure here:
EEIA Brochure 2019

This year's Global Exhibitions Day was celebrated on 5th June 2019.
Global Exhibitions Day is a combination of efforts from across the exhibition industry. It is launched to raise awareness of the exhibition industry as one of the forces driving global trade and growth.
Exhibition organisers, venues, associations, and service providers from countries all around the world are uniting behind this global initiative. In more than 20 countries around the world, national events took place to celebrate Global Exhibitions Day. 
The European Exhibition Industry Alliance offers key facts and figures about the global trade fair and exhibition business here.


The European Exhbition Industry Alliance organises events in Brussels to exchange with the European Insitutions and discuss current issues, needs and policy proposals.

Exhibition Industry EU Dialogue 2017
(March 2017)
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“How trade fairs and exhibitions contribute to SME internationalisation” European Parliament Breakfast hosted by Bernd Lange MEP, Chairman of the Committee on International Trade
(October 2015)
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European Exhibition Industry Alliance: closer cooperation with EU to boost SMEs performance, Dinner Debate for EU stakeholders in Brussels with Key Note by Dr. Werner Hoyer, President of the European Investment Bank
(July 2014)
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