Is the most effective marketing tool for companies, especially SMEs

Is the most effective marketing tool for companies, especially SMEs

Exhibitions are the most effective tool to market products and services. They offer a maximum of opportunities in one place during a limited period of time. Exhibitions generate a multitude of leads and deals. They also offer a large variety of new impressions and inspirations. Moreover, they facilitate exchange and cooperation, leading to visions and projects that may give a new spin to an industry.

Face to face and emotional product presentation

Exhibitions bring people together. Participants meet face to face, to talk and exchange ideas or experiences. They share emotions and develop personal relationships. This builds up trust between business partners. Live communication also fosters a sense of community within an industry. Exhibitions enable a special type of product presentation: the possibility to touch, feel, test and play with new items is very emotional and allows a different approach. Emotional staging of innovations triggers excitement and enthusiasm and can considerably influence the success of a product placement.

Condensed overview of innovations, R&D and trends

Exhibitions bridge the famous “valley of death” that research and inventions need to cross in order to find a producer; they help reducing the time to market. They are also a great opportunity to get an overview of the state of the art of innovations, inventions or research in a certain field, not to forget the direct view on products and company presentation of competing companies.

Most efficient cost-performance-ratio

Exhibitions serve the broadest range of business development functions and are a particularly cost-effective tool. They help to attract new customers, raise the image, profile and popularity of a company or product, analyse the competitive situation and enhance competitiveness. They can also be market research tools, helping to test products in the market, to access new markets and raise turnover. They are an excellent platform for communication, facilitating finding new partners or recruiting staff.
The costs for one presentation at a trade fair and travel to one place for a limited number of days replace a multitude of individual trips and meetings that would be necessary to achieve the same business results. European exhibitions generally offer a reasonable price level while providing excellent services and visitor quality. The result are favourable prices per contact in comparison to other media. Thus, exhibitions are not only cost-effective but in a broader sense sustainable.

Access to new markets creates growth and business revenue

Exhibitions support the internationalisation of the European industry, within and beyond the European Internal Market. European companies have the chance to encounter the world offer of a specific sector at one single international exhibition in Europe. They can enlarge their contact and business portfolio without even travelling to far-away regions of the world. Companies that target a special country or region can make the first steps into this market with European organisers that offer premium quality exhibitions in these target markets. This is of special value for the increasing number of European SMEs seeking success and benefit from higher growth rates outside Europe in these days.