Global Exhibitions Day

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Global Exhibitions Day

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Global Exhibitions Day is a chance to celebrate the exhibition industry and highlight its positive impact on jobs, business, innovation and local investment.
Online, and through an array of national and local events, people on every continent are expected to join the GED19 campaign, from venues and organisers to students, local partners and public authorities. With events all over the world, and an active online campaign, thousands of professionals and students are set to join celebrations highlighting the power of the exhibition industry, and the diverse career opportunities it creates.
“On this day, the European Exhibition Industry Alliance celebrate the trade fairs and exhibitions industry with their high quality venues and international exhibitions in Europe and the successful expansion of their exhibition portfolios all over the world”, says Barbara Weizsäcker, Secretary General.
Worldwide 260 million visitors and 4.4 million exhibitors generating EUR 98 billion revenues every year, GED highlights the positive impact of exhibitions on jobs, business, innovation and local investment. UFI estimates that half of exhibition spending benefits host territories directly, and the other half benefits the exhibitions industry, creating or maintaining hundreds of thousands of jobs.
In its fourth year, GED 2019 spreads the following key messages:
Exhibitions can contribute to a sustainable world
Exhibitions are a large global industry
Exhibitions are an effective and sustainable way of doing business
Exhibitions can contribute to a sustainable world
The Exhibition industry offers a variety of job opportunities