Facilitates trade at all levels

Facilitates trade at all levels

Exhibitions function as hubs for cross-national trade. During the last 20 years, Europe has grown together to become a large, single domestic market. Exhibitions helped to put this vision into practice. Within their own industry, exhibition companies accepted the challenge and witnessed how opening up the national markets lead to transparency, comparability and growth.

Open markets and globalisation bring together the best from around the world. Exhibitions leverage these advantages, creating platforms for new ideas and exchange independent of national borders and cultures.

Internationality of events in Europe

In Europe, a significant number of exhibitions are truly international. According to the current industry definition of “international exhibition”, a minimum of 10% of exhibitors and/or 5% of visitors come from abroad. This includes European countries but the increasing number of exhibition participants from countries outside Europe is impressive.

These global exhibitions located in Europe, often the most important events worldwide for a specific industry, maintain their leading position even in tough times and represent a strong pillar of stability for the industries they serve. Exhibition organisers diversify services, maximise attractiveness and adapt their offer to the exact need of the industries. They function as a catalyst and contribute to successful business growth. On the other side, exhibitions depend greatly on the state of the global, national or regional economy and the performance of the industry they represent at the shows or business events.

Trade volume generated

Exhibitions are economic platforms for commerce and trade supporting many industries and companies. Considerable new business is generated during exhibitions and triggered by exhibitions. Exhibiting companies market their products or services to buyers with the aim of concluding contracts during the exhibition or following the exhibition contact. According to an estimation of EMECA, their exhibiting companies generate a turnover of some 800 billion euros through exhibitions.