EMECA is the European Major Exhibition Centres Association. EMECA was formed to focus attention on the economic impact that the exhibition industry achieves throughout Europe.

The 24 EMECA exhibition centres strive to provide exhibitors and visitors with an excellent infrastructure and first-class information networks. The EMECA Members are convinced of the active role they have to play in bringing together the international trading community. In Europe, they play an active part in the development of local trade. Outside Europe, they help European companies come to terms with market globalisation and adopt appropriate initiatives, such as introducing exhibitors to foreign tradeshows, setting up new fairs and transferring technology to emerging markets.

The 24 EMECA venues organize over 1,800 exhibitions a year with more than 410,000 exhibitors and 42 million visitors on a gross rented display area of about 37 million square meters. According to their own estimates, the exhibiting companies generate a turnover of some 800 billion Euros through exhibitions.

The Major European Exhibition Centres Association EMECA chose to increase their visibility and Public Affairs activity by building the European Exhibition Industry Alliance together with the European Members of UFI, The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry.

More info about EMECA: www.emeca.eu